18 Ways to Consume Cannabis [Infographic]

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, we thought it’d be useful for people to know how they can get high. Many uninformed people think smoking is the only way to consume cannabis and although it’s the most widely used method, there are many other options as well.

Vaporization is becoming more popular as it’s seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. The prices of vaporizers may cost more than rolling papers at first, but they’re generally more efficient so if you’re a heavy user you can gain back your return shortly. There are even options for on-the-go user like the Magic Flight Launchbox which can fit in your pocket and pulls very well for its size.

Pot brownies are by far the most popular edibles but they’re not the only option you have! If you have a bit of time ice cream is relatively easy to make and can be absolutely delicious. With the cannabusiness landrush many marijuana companies are now making specialty candy as well: Amsterdam Candy, for example, has lollipops, gummy bears, gumballs, licorice, chocolates and more. The brownie now has some stiff competition.

If you want a refreshing way to get high, maybe consider drinking it. “Herbal Tea” can be made with ease and is perfect to sit down and read a book with. There’s also a wide variety of Sodas available at most compassion clubs, or pot shops if you’re lucky enough to live in Colorado or Washington.

There are also other, more medicinal, options like capsules and sprays. Although you can make them yourself they may be best left to the discretion of a doctor.

Although smoking is a great way to consume cannabis, don’t close your eyes to other options! You may be surprised to find a new favorite way to get high.

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