2 Responses to “The Drug War and the War on Terror: Exit Strategies are for Quitters”

  1. Mich De Lorme August 4, 2011 at 1:16 am #

    The Drug War and the War on Terror: Exit Strategies are for Quitters http://su.pr/5HN6VB

  2. Uncle B August 13, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

    China meets out a fast death penalty for drugs! No bull Shiite! No “fair trial” Caught and shot! all in the same moment! With an enormous population they can hardly waste time and energy – so the death wagon, for body-parts recovery pulls up, a shot rings out. Game over! Example set. No bull Shiite! U.S.A.needs this more now than ever, if they are to recover to the healthy slim fighters that were sent out and won WWII. Time now, for some discipline. Shameful drug addicts! We in Canada make more money selling illegal drugs to you than we do selling nourishing food too you!
    Don’t blame us! We don’t pay for that Shiite! We are all healthy, face free medical exams including “pee tests” and Psychiatric treatment for doing drugs! Free! From the government! Reported by the Doctors! We don’t fruck around with “rights” the way you do – after all our legal system is regulated so tight, lawyers can’t even fart without permission and three sheets of forms to fill out!
    America does not need to relax – they can’t afford to! Asians are using their stock markets as gambling houses! They have screwed America down tight, right up the tender spot, and without even bringing their own Vaseline!
    Time now for America to do a “Manhattan Project” style development of Solar in South Western U.S., Seek out safe plutonium free reactor technologies fueled with Thorium, Build and American ultra light, Compressed Natural Gas car, and fueling system, government owned, in direct competition with “Big Oil” Time to steal VW TDI and Mercedes “blue” diesel engine technologies, put them in American built cars,Time for a government regulated much stricter much more healthy, rice and veggies styled diet ,.

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