Why We Love Reddit

One of our favorites sites for marijuana discussion is Reddit.com, and One of the best aspects about the site is that anyone can create a subreddit or category. Some of those that deal with cannabis specifically are:

Reddit’s community is always ready for a discussion and their discussions are often filled with witty insights, vivid personal experiences, and wonderfully exaggerated fictional accounts. Here’s a brief look at a recent popular story there concerning marijuana in which a user submitted a query to the rest of the community. Following his question you’ll find screenshots of our favorite replies:

How many of you don’t smoke weed but would if it was legal?

I’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that just about everybody that wants to be smoking pot is already lighting up.

Edit: Perhaps I should make it clear that I think this is a point in favour of legalization. People smoking socially would likely smoke a little more often but I doubt if marijuana consumption would more than double.

would you smoke marijuana if it was legal Why We Love Reddit

would you smoke weed if it were legal Why We Love Reddit

reddit marijuana Why We Love Reddit

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