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One of the most important resources when growing marijuana is information.  If you don’t know how to spot plant illnesses or nutrient deficiencies, how to sex a plant or cure the cannabis after the harvest, you’re going to have a substantially reduced yield.

Unfortunately, in today’s world not all of us can simply go to the bookstore and buy a book on cannabis growing, as many bookstores don’t carry such books and many people are afraid to acknowledge, even in the slightest, that they are cultivating.

The problem can be even worse if you haven’t started to grow yet – you have several investments to consider and likely haven’t decided what growing method you’re going to pursue, whether indoor/outdoor, discreet or guerrilla. If you don’t know how you’re going to grow, how do you know what type of investments to make?

Green Man’s Page is a great resource that fills these very needs.  It’s a free online resource, with information on indoor and outdoor harvesting, and a large focus on hydroponics.  Whatever your questions about cultivating, if you check the library you’ll be well on your way to finding answers.  In addition to the library, you’ll also find a great resource for finding great seeds.

Whatever your growing needs, Green Man’s Page will get you on your way.  Use the search box below for a quick start:

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